According to statistics, around 817 cases of data breaches and leakage happened in the United States in the first six months of 2022. These data breaches significantly affected around 53 million people and resulted in major financial losses for different corporations. In addition, the corporate reputation of many businesses was damaged beyond repair, emphasizing the need to invest in cybersecurity defense solutions to prevent data breaches.

This blog discusses methods that businesses can use to prevent data breaches.

Reduce System Vulnerability by Giving Access to Fewer People

Software systems that are accessed by a large number of people are highly vulnerable. For instance, if a corporation’s authorized files can be accessed by 50 people, the file management and protection system is highly vulnerable and can easily be compromised. Any employee can be a weak link, leading to a data breach and disastrous consequences.

So, corporations must limit access to their data storage systems, especially if the data is confidential. Your business can start by redefining the roles of different employees, ensuring that a limited number of people have access to specific data. This method will allow businesses to prevent data breaches in the first place.

Invest in Security Solutions and Guide Your Employees

Besides limiting access to your corporation’s confidential data, your business must also invest in reliable security solutions to prevent data breaches. Your corporation can get cybersecurity defense solutions that handle everything, from basic data encryption to advanced malware detection tools installation. Additionally, your company can get firewalls that monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic, store your data in the cloud, and apply cloud computing security.

Besides updating your company’s cybersecurity, corporations must train their employees to prevent data breaches. You need to arrange training sessions for your employees, discussing the importance of using strong passwords and recognizing spam emails, as around 88% of data breaches happen due to the employees of any corporation.

Audit Your Cybersecurity Defense Solutions Regularly

Corporations need to remember that having a robust cybersecurity model isn’t enough. Businesses also have to audit and assess their cybersecurity solutions regularly to ensure that they comply with NIST standards.

Additionally, cybercriminals come up with new and more threatening ways to access an enterprise’s data. So businesses must stay one step ahead, evaluate their cybersecurity strategies, and upgrade them regularly to prevent data breaches.

A cybersecurity analyst evaluating a company’s systems to prevent data breaches

Try the IT Technology Solutions of Iviry to Prevent Data Breaches

With the help of these cybersecurity defense solutions, corporations can prevent data breaches effectively. At Iviry, we offer the ultimate cybersecurity solution for companies that want to prevent data breaches — CyberMentum.

This strategic model is the combination of different tools, processes, and protocols, all aimed at improving the cybersecurity and cloud computing security of a company and preventing data breaches. Additionally, our cybersecurity and compliance services ensure that your corporation is NIST compliant, which is another effective way to prevent data breaches.

Reach out to our cybersecurity consultants and let Iviry prevent data breaches by enhancing the cybersecurity of your corporation.