Managed Support Solutions

Managed Support Services

Iviry delivers a team-based, proactive and scalable Single Point of Contact construct for all technology management needs. Our certified technicians and proprietary solution stack combine to ensure that your technology infrastructure is protected and running efficiently at all times, allowing your organization to focus on what you do best.

Managed Security Services

Designed specifically for organizations with internal IT teams that intend to pursue Department of Defense contract awards. Iviry specializes in the assessment, remediation and ongoing sustainment requirements associated with the current NIST 800-171 federal mandates, and we will ensure that you are prepared for the yet-to-be codified requirements of the CMMC process.In short, with this solution your internal team continues to manage the day to day while Iviry focuses entirely on cyber hygiene sustainment, incident response and reporting requirements.

Managed Support & Security Services

This combined solution, which includes all elements of our Managed Support & Managed Security Services offerings, is designed for organizations that prefer to not staff an internal technology resource or team and which intend to pursue Department of Defense contract awards. Iviry will manage every aspect of your internal technology infrastructure as well as all requirements associated with ongoing NIST 800-171 cyber compliance. Additionally, Iviry will manage the preparation for and all executables ultimately mandated by the yet-to-be codified CMMC process.

Managed IT support solutions are the mainstay of creating a robust, safe, and progressive IT strategy for your business. But it’s also something that you cannot do alone. Iviry, LLChasa team of immensely talented managed security and IT technology solutions experts to help you!

Our managed IT support services are designed to cater to different businesses and their specific requirements.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Improving Business Security

We start by carefully assessing our client’s existing IT model and its potential grey areas. We use ITILv4 Delivery—an advanced approach to maximize our book services for clients.

Our team is also well-versed in offering round-the-clock cybersecurity response management services in case of an unfortunate cyber-attack! Our aim is to help you maximize your organizational core competencies while we take care of cybersecurity compliance and safety. At Iviry, LLC, we strive to offer the most effective managed security solutions to improve our client’s business compliance and assist them in leveraging advanced tools for mitigating common business risks. You can also talk to us about your firm’s CMMC and NIST certification if you work closely with government or state-level organizations.

Contact us today to avail a custom-curated suite of managed security services!

NOC (Network Operations Center)

ITILv4 Delivery
  • Iviry uses the ITILv4 approach to train our service desk and deliver proper by the book services to our clients.


Back ups
  • To combat ransomware that occur every 11 seconds, hacking, phishing etc… we here at Iviry make sure we have encrypted proper backups.
  • to update, fix, or improve
Live Service Desk
  • From 8am-5pm you have a live service desk ready to answer the phone and work on work requests.

Cyber Security Services

Incident Response
  • With Iviry we have 24 hour basic incident response in case of an attack, spillage or threat.


SOC (Security Operations Center)
Work Station/Sever monitoring
  • 94 way monitoring with automatic notifications (need a little clarity)
  • User training
  • Phishing
  • Simulated vishing
  • USB Attacks

Cyber Compliance (Cybermentum)

Phase 1
  • 2 days with an RP live showing your company’s current score in current CMMC standings.
  • No contractual agreements


Phase 2
  • Remediation (POAM)
  • A strategic and personally laid out POAM for your specific company to follow.
Phase 3
  • Sustainment
  • Once you have become compliant up to CMMC lvl. 3 we will continue to keep your company compliant to keep an audit from being a thought.

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