Nist Compliance Overview

As a central component of the recently released Version 1.0 of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), achieving NIST SP 800-171 compliance, and sustaining that status over time, will form the foundation of your cyber compliance posture. And with Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) audits underway as of January 2020, understanding your current state is critical.

As such, Iviry’s Cyber Readiness & Compliance Assessment, or Phase 1 of the CyberMentum™ solution, is engineered to provide granular feedback on all 110 controls associated with the NIST SP 800-171 standard. The assessment is a 2-day, onsite event conducted with key stakeholders and technology resources from your organization.

Deliverables include;

  • Cyber Readiness & Compliance Assessment

Iviry will conduct a full Cyber Readiness & Compliance Assessment that will provide actionable insights into your current cyber compliance status, complete with a weighted score based on actual NIST-provisioned metrics.

  • Executive Security Summary & Briefing
  • Plan of Action & Milestones (POAM) Template
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Additionally, Iviry’s Cyber Readiness & Compliance Dashboard, a robust, interactive platform designed specifically for evaluating NIST/CMMC compliance status for defense contractors, will produce a comprehensive, weighted score for each NIST Family based on actual NIST-provisioned metrics, an example of which you can see below;

Going forward, the Cyber Readiness & Compliance Dashboard will also serve as your “cyber CRM,” providing the following benefits;

  • Access to a real-time repository for critical compliance documentation
  • utilization as a real-time tool for updating and attesting to your compliance with the CMMC standard over time
  • communications hub for updates, alerts and inquiries

For a thorough overview of your current state of cyber readiness, or for more information on how to schedule your Cyber Readiness & Compliance Assessment specifically, call, email or book an appointment with us today.



  • Simplifies DFARs compliance readiness
  • Reviews standardized cyber risk management processes developed by NIST
  • Provides a centralized repository for all compliance artifacts and compliance documentation
  • Streamlines third party validation
  • Visually tracks compliance activity and efforts
  • Facilitates the implementation of sound cybersecurity processes for long-term compliance to evolving requirements and standards
  • Enables you to avoid costly errors that could disqualify you from doing business with the Department of Defense or lead to the loss of proprietary information

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