News reports suggest that around 94% of businesses use cloud computing in their operations. Using the cloud to store data allows enterprises to access data from anywhere, scale up and down their tasks, and make multiple processes more efficient. However, backing data to the cloud can also be a significant security risk. Cloud data breaches are common, and cybersecurity analysts suggest that many enterprises experience data loss or leakage.

Here are some methods businesses can use to keep their cloud-backed information secure.

Invest in Data Encryption

Undoubtedly, encrypting data is one of the most innovative ways to keep information secure in the cloud. In data encryption, companies can translate confidential data into a secret code, which only people with a decryption key can access. Therefore, encrypting data before uploading it to the cloud prevents cybercriminals from reading those encoded files.

Encryption transforms data into cipher text, which means that cybercriminals without advanced knowledge of cryptography can’t translate the data into useful information. This method adds an extra layer of security, protecting cloud-backed data from hackers and other cyber threats.

Keep the End Devices Secure

Even though companies need to invest a lot of money and time in securing their cloud, they should also take extra measures to ensure that the end devices they use to access the cloud are highly-protected. This will prevent any cybercriminal from entering the cloud using your company’s cloud-connected laptops or desktops.

Use strong passwords on all your devices to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your system. In addition, businesses need to try two-factor authentication, which creates a two-step user-verification process, adding security to the devices. Businesses can also encourage employees to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while using the public internet. A VPN provides secure online connections and ensures that hackers can’t enter the cloud through the network.

Maintain and Update Company’s Cybersecurity System

Besides taking different cybersecurity measures to enhance data security in the cloud, it’s essential to run tests afterwards to ensure that those methods are effective. For instance, companies can hire a team of external ethical hackers to ensure that the data is inaccessible.

In addition, data backed by the cloud needs constant maintenance. Businesses need to update their cloud and data security systems regularly to ensure that they’re meeting business requirements and working against unauthorized data access, accidental data deletion, data leakage, and more.

Protected end device

Follow a Cybersecurity Maturity Model That’s NIST Compliant

One of the best ways to improve your company’s data security in cloud computing is to ensure that your cybersecurity solution and methods are NIST 800-171 compliant. At Iviry, we have CyberMentum, which is an entire set of tools, systems, and procedures that take care of and maintain the cyber and cloud computing security needs of enterprises.

In addition, CyberMentum is a full-scope data security solution with multiple phases targeted at enhancing the security of an enterprise. Reach out to us and let our cybersecurity analysts answer all your queries.