Discover how application hosting offers better monitoring, security and performance.

Business Cloud Computing Solutions in Tampa

Thanks to the clear benefits of business cloud services—including scalability, flexibility, and efficiency—companies have moved beyond using it for non-essentials and are now migrating business-critical apps like ERP and CRM to this dynamic, cost-effective platform. But, because cloud computing is so easy and affordable, it’s important to make sure proper cyber security, backup, and recovery measures are in place to protect your data.

Cloud Computing Services by Iviry

Iviry is your partner for making the most of the cloud—whether you’ve already made the leap and need to optimize your infrastructure, or want to move to the cloud but aren’t sure where to start. Our team has extensive experience with deploying cloud-based solutions, and develops the ideal implementation plan for your company and its goals. Our goal is to ensure the cloud computing systems integrate seamlessly with your on-premise environment, while also minimizing your risk and maximizing security.

Application Hosting
Constantly patching and updating software is a major time investment. Iviry gives you back that time by running properly installed, frequently updated applications on our cloud servers.
DaaS (Desktop as a Service)
Enjoy flexibility without sacrificing security. Iviry keeps all your business files, data and applications on the cloud so they can be accessed from anywhere.
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)
Get the computer infrastructure you need without the responsibility of upkeep. Iviry provides you with cloud-based server, storage and network computing power.
Office 365 Management
Access quality support and consulting services for Office 365. Iviry connects you with all the productivity tools you need to grow without the worry of managing them.
Server Colocation
Save money while improving security, speed and uptime. House your critical data infrastructure on servers that are managed and physically maintained by Iviry.
Virtual Server Hosting
Combine multiple virtual machines onto fewer physical servers. Iviry provides the benefits of virtual environments without the burden of maintaining and supporting them.