Our Story

Iviry’s parent company Anglicotech was established by a US Marine Corps veteran in 2010 out of a passion for solving problems with technology.  Global development of new applications, products, and collaboration is happening at stunning speed, creating new opportunities for solving problems.  Anglicotech’s vision is to solve problems of national importance by integrating these emerging technologies in ways that create new capabilities for our customers.

Anglicotech has been a proud partner with the US Department of Defense in implementing business systems, providing cyber security support, and maintaining large networks and infrastructure.  Our team is located throughout the United States and abroad providing innovative solutions to complex business problems through a dedicated team of subject matter experts, experienced consultants, and a strong partner network.  Our partner network includes Oracle, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Verizon, Mark Logic, and Honeywell.

Anglicotech recognized the glaring need within the private sector for technology support services that don’t cut corners and that are worthy of forward-thinking and nimble organizations such as yours. Small and Medium sized businesses have the same need for reliable technologies and support in navigating the maze of choices on the market.  As a result, Iviry was born.

The cloud and data revolution is here. Understanding this reality, and preparing your business to safely and intelligently navigate what has become an increasingly dangerous & complex digital world, needs to be paramount among all considerations related to your business.

Iviry will be an industry leader in both identifying technology opportunities and successfully implementing them in order to gain real benefits for your company.  Iviry stays current on industry leading developments and leverages this phenomenon to solve business problems.  By integrating new and existing technologies, we create innovative solutions for our clients. As a small business, we are able to offer extraordinary value to our clients at highly competitive rates.

At Iviry, we treat your systems and data as we do our own, leaving nothing to chance. Our extensive experience delivering world class technology services to the United States Marine Corps, Department of Defense and Special Operations Communities, on a global scale, positions us as the partner of choice for all of your technology and data security needs. We are relied upon to secure the most sensitive information and manage some of the most critical and complex infrastructures utilized by our government and the various agencies and departments that support it. The expertise and capabilities that we’ve refined over time are now being offered to the commercial world, based on our core belief that every organization deserves the kind of peace of mind that comes with knowing that their focus can always remain on doing what they do best.

Regardless of your organization’s size and scope, you need enterprise-level capabilities when it comes to locking down your technology and data. Devising a roadmap for the next phases of your company’s technology needs is also an essential consideration as you expand and refine your business. There is simply too much at stake, for you, your employees and the people you do business with, to leave these tasks to anyone but the most experienced and trusted technology partner. Iviry is that partner, your partner, and we’d welcome the opportunity to get the conversation started.