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How to Protect Your Business from Day One

Cyber Security for Startups: How to Protect Your Business from Day One

Every startup must consider their cyber security from the beginning. It is a top priority regardless of the size of your operations because cyber security for startups and businesses is essential to compete in modern markets and sustain the company and brand long-term. Hackers and cybercriminals particularly target startups as these new companies often have limited resources to invest in security. However,…

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How the Cloud is Changing the Face of Education

Cloud Computing Services in Education: How the Cloud Is Changing the Face of Education

Recently, cloud computing has become increasingly popular in various industries. The education sector, in particular, has started to adopt cloud computing services to improve its operations and enhance the learning experience for students. As a result, education is benefiting greatly and cloud computing security, specifically data security in cloud computing, is becoming increasingly important as well. How the Cloud Is…

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