Strengthen security and reduce costs using a shared data center.

Colocation IT, Enhanced by the Power of a Large Data Center

Controlling costs and being resilient is critical to your success. Server colocation IT allows you to house your servers in localized secure data centers—saving you money while improving uptime. You control the server software and content, while bandwidth, power and more are handled by trained technicians.

Server Colocation Support in Tampa, FL

Iviry houses your servers in our state-of-the-art data center, providing a reliable, secure environment for your critical systems. This arrangement ensures maximum uptime, reduces operational exposure and keeps expenses under control, so you get high performance and security at a low cost.

Scale Easily

Your server hosting needs can change in an instant—skyrocketing overnight and, at other times, dipping drastically low. Iviry scales your services up or down based on your requirements, and can make changes in as little as six hours.

Get Worry-Free Infrastructure and Connectivity

Why kill your budget with having to buy and maintain a climate-controlled data center with high-bandwidth and power redundancy? Iviry does it for you, so you can focus your IT funds on strategic initiatives.

Enjoy Predictable Pricing

Turn unpredictable capital outlays into predictable monthly expenses. Iviry’s server colocation services makes budgeting for IT costs easier and allocating on-site resources more efficient.

Improve Security and Stability

Physical and virtual security, as well as the ability to keep servers running even during a power outage or natural disaster, are essential for keeping a constant online presence. Iviry employs state-of-the-art security systems—as well as multiple backup generators and contingency plans—to ensure there’s never an interruption in service.