Discover how application hosting offers better monitoring, security and performance.

 Managed Application Hosting Solutions in Tampa

Patching software, performing countless upgrades and backing up data is time-consuming and takes you away from other important business tasks. At the same time, you can’t let managing your vital applications move to the back burner. With managed application hosting cloud-based services, these ongoing tasks are performed for you, freeing-up time for your IT team to work on more pressing issues.

Application Hosting Services and Support

Iviry provides the relief you need when it comes to constantly updating and managing your company’s vital web apps. Our IT support ensures your applications are properly installed, configured, secured and integrated to virtually eliminate downtime. Plus, we ensure your cloud applications integrate with your database, other applications, the networks they run on and your backup and storage systems.

Save Time and Money

Get back time normally lost on routine application updates and maintenance. Iviry takes care of everything in the background, so you can focus on building your business.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Pair application hosting with backup and disaster recovery for added peace-of-mind. Iviry will ensure your documents and files are safe in the event of a crash or disaster.

Enjoy Worry-free Support

It’s important that your applications are regularly inventoried to ensure current licensing. We perform preventative maintenance and remote support to ensure your applications are always up-to-date.

Get Peace-of-Mind

Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your applications are secure and up-to-date. Our managed application hosting services make sure your applications are optimally maintained in our climate-controlled, secured data center.